Shank for ring diamond tool

Materials of top quality
The company guarantees reliability of basis of diamond tools with SCM 435 steel, a special hot-rolled steel of high carbon contents of JIS series from POSCO, which is added with alloy elements of chromium and molybdenum.
C Si Mn P S Cu Ni Cr
JS-SCM435 0.33~0.38 0.15~0.35 0.6~0.9 0~0.03 0~0.03 0~0.3 0~0.25 0.9~1.2
* Steel containing Cr and Mo. While Cr provides hardness and tenacity; Mo does ease of forging and cutting. Adding Cr and Mo to steel ensures high wear-resistance at high temperature.
Size desired by customer
The company manufactures tools satisfying design requirements of customers of size of outer diameter between 4 mm and 40 mm, and thickness between 1T and 5T.
Various slots/punching
The press and laser systems of the company are capable of realizing OO providing both of aesthetic functions and low-noise function.
Top heat-treatment technology
The heat-treatment technology of Hwashin Hi-Steel adjusts hardness and strength of materials to satisfy requirements for safety from customers. Shank of Hwashin Hi-Steel is of high tenacity to protect round saws from breaking to prevent injury of workers at the field.
Surface adequate for paint coating:
The products of the company provide the best coarseness for paint coating on the surface of the products of customers for the purposes of rust resistance, aesthetic design and providing information to workers.
Flatness is the most important factor for prevent safety accidents when cutting materials of high hardness at high speed. The company ensures the best flatness of its products from the leveling systems from Germany, and experts in Korea.
Others: Fully satisfying needs of customers for countersink processing and engraving
Development of eco-friendly shank technology
The company develops technologies for copper sheet-inserted sandwich shank for low noise, non-copper sheet sandwich shank, epoxy-inserted low-noise shank, and low noise and low pollutant shank.